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My Background

After I graduated from UC Berkeley, I worked as a banker. I wanted to learn coding because I had witnessed how technology helped so many of my clients. Online banking and mobile apps relieved their financial managing burdens and saved them the time of going to a traditional bank to do simple transactions. I was amazed by their efficiency and I was inspired to design better apps to help more people. I took online classes and taught myself coding while working, but I felt that it was not enough. I wanted to learn more about computer science and the fundamentals of how coding worked. I wanted to not only be able to write programs but also be able to know what I could do to contribute to the tech field and help make people’s lives easier and more efficient. I am passionate about coding and eager to learn. The Align program provides the bridge program, which is perfect for those switching majors and career paths. In addition, it offers the co-op opportunity, which helps students experience the working industry before they graduate.

My Future

I want to establish myself in the tech industry and work in project management and software development engineer roles. I want to inspire other women to join the field and ultimately achieve gender equality within a male-dominated industry.

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