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My Background

I attended Northeastern for my undergraduate education in Chemical Engineering. I had worked in biotech for a couple of years when I heard about Align from a friend in the program. I was already trying to learn some aspects of computer science on my own. I felt as though biotech was going to experience an evolution of software and I wanted to be at the forefront of that shift. The Align program seemed like the perfect opportunity to learn a new skillset I had been seeking at a school I was familiar with and respected. I ultimately made the decision to enroll in the program while continuing to work full time.

My Future

Three months into the program, I found a new opportunity at a start-up software company that provides an application platform to manufacturers, including biotech/pharmaceutical companies. This role exists at an interesting intersection of my engineering experience and the computer science education I’m actively pursuing. I’m hopeful that as my experience continues to grow, I’ll be able to transition my responsibilities and move around the company to various platform/product teams.

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