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My Background

I worked in a few departments at Northeastern but started thinking about a career that leveraged my degree. Logic, argumentation, and critical thinking skills relate directly to computer science. I took several programming courses and even built software—which convinced me that I want to do CS.


Align prepares you so well for the Masters. Lectures introduce material in a comprehensive way. The hands-on homework is invaluable. In Fundamentals of Computer Science, we have to just get in there and code and solve problems—it forces you to learn how to think in functional programming language.


The cohort is impressive. Given the diversity of backgrounds, I’m establishing great connections and partnering on projects with people who bring different experiences to the program. It’s reassuring to see other people go through what I’m going through—helps me push through the challenging moments.


In my first class, Database Management, I quickly realize how well-prepared I am. I feel on equal footing with people who’ve been coding for years and have an undergraduate CS degree. It just shows that if you put in the work in the bridge program, you’ll be right there with everybody else.

Student Stories

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