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My Background

While I have a B.A. in environmental science from San Francisco State University, I worked as a data analyst at Facebook for the past three years. For a very long time, I’ve enjoyed building cool and practical tools that make positive impacts on people’s lives. As a data analyst, I had the incredible opportunity of working closely with software engineers. It was within this role that I decided to pursue a Master’s in CS as I really wanted to expand my knowledge beyond just application of CS concepts and learn about CS theory. After having been exposed to software development and common algorithms used wherein, I wanted to better understand how and why these algorithms worked.

My Future

People like me may feel as if there’s no space in computer science for them or just simply do not have access to the resources that make a career in CS a reality. The Align program has provided me with an invaluable resource that allows me to bridge this disparity while also challenging me to become an objectively skilled computer scientist. I aim to work in backend software engineering and specifically within distributed systems.

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