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My Background

I graduated from Northeastern University with a BA in International Affairs. I was working a full-time position at the Consulate General of Brazil in Boston. I am very passionate about languages and learning and understanding different cultures! I grew up with a Guatemalan mother and a Brazilian father, so I was always around Guatemalan, Brazilian, and American culture. As a result, I’ve learned how to understand people coming from different backgrounds and it intrigues me to learn about those that are very different than my own. For example, during my undergraduate education I became very interested in the Middle East and started studying Arabic. I really like learning how others live on a daily basis in their location of the world and understanding how those societies, countries and respective regions operate.

My Future

Combine my International Affairs experience and knowledge with Computer Science to work for the federal government as an analyst in the area of cybersecurity and privacy dealing with international threats or to work in the private sector as a consultant.

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