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My Background

I majored in mathematics and physics, and I have a graduate degree in robotics. I worked for a few years, as a teaching assistant and then at a solar panels factory. And studying robotics, I realized I had general knowledge in lots of different fields, but I lacked the specific software part.

My Background

My cousin told me a lot about Northeastern, and how you can go on co-op to get practical experience. And the diversity’s good—that people of different backgrounds go to the Align program and they’re successful in finding jobs. That played a big role in my decision to apply.


Object Oriented Design is a really powerful idea—it’s how all the software is built the past 30 years. Computer science is not like traditional engineering, mathematics, or physics. It’s much more open ended. You have to be really flexible. That’s what I like about it.

My Future

I’m really interested in going into artificial intelligence. Knowing some math and physics, it will be nice to learn how to program robots and have them execute different tasks. That’s where I see myself.

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