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My Background

I received a Bachelor of Science in Neuroscience, with a minor in Creative Writing, from Washington and Lee University. While an undergraduate student I had the opportunity to explore the intersection of health care and technology through an internship. It was this experience, along with the exposure I had to computational neuroscience and biology through coursework, that piqued my interest in computer science. CS attracted me because it is applicable to all industries and grants me the ability to work in a clinical and technical space. I am a problem solver by nature, and computer science is a creative way to develop solutions.

My Future

The Align program felt like the perfect fit to open to the door to various job prospects. The chance to pursue a CS degree when I did not previously have any background experience has allowed me to do a deep dive into what career goals I want to set for myself. The specialization and co-op opportunities allow me to explore all the ways I can use a CS degree and how to leverage other skills I have in the tech world. Align is paving the way for me to pursue my passion of working in health care on an innovative level, within the telemedicine space.

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