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Partners & Supporters

We partner with companies who value diversity of experience and thought in computer science.

Your Support is Critical

America faces a serious shortage of high-tech workers—in part because today’s universities are not attracting enough women and underrepresented minorities into technical fields. Align seeks to change this. Our program is designed to close the diversity gap by inviting students who offer a diversity of thought, experience, and background and enabling them to break into tech. With your help, we can have more impact, more quickly. Be a leader in not just looking for diverse talent, but in creating it.

Learn why Align is working


Corporate Partners Program

Corporate Partners are the key to making it possible for students from diverse backgrounds to enter the Align program and make the life-changing journey into a technology career. Your company can work with Align in one or both of the following ways:

1. Find new talent 

  • Scholarship – By making a scholarship of $12,500, you’ll ensure that a student is able to complete the first semester of Align without adding to his or her debt burden.
  • Co-op – In parallel, you’ll work with our co-op team to identify the talent that best fits your company’s needs. A student on co-op works at your company full-time for four to eight months.
  • Hire – Align students go on co-op when they have one semester of Master’s classes remaining. If your company decides to make a full-time offer, the student can finish the program online or at the regional campus nearest your location—so you immediately have access to the talent you’ve trained.

2. Develop your team 

  • Underwrite your employee’s future – By underwriting the cost of the Align program for employees, you can retrain existing staff that you are eager to develop while also meeting your company’s high-tech needs.
  • Meet your needs – Your employees can enroll in the Align program full- or part-time. During the Align bridge (the first two semesters), students attend classes in person and therefore must be located near one of our regional campuses. After that, students can finish their degree online.

Why Align Works

Northeastern piloted the Align program starting in 2013. Thanks to an early partnership with the National Science Foundation, we’re already dramatically increasing the number of women and underrepresented minorities accessing careers in technology. We’ve achieved this by awarding scholarships during the first two semesters—and then supporting our students with a program designed for those with non-computer science backgrounds. Not only do our students make a successful transition to tech, but they are completing the program with minimal new student debt.

With the support of philanthropic and corporate partners like you, we aim to grow Align even more. Our goal: To produce 1,000 graduates per year, with demographics reflecting those of the college graduate population (50% female; 25% underrepresented minorities).