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Scholarship & Aid

An accessible Master's degree.

We have designed the Align Master’s Program so that it is not just accessible to a broad array of students but so that it is also affordable.

Specifically, our students offset tuition through a combination of:

  • Earning $30,000 or more while on co-op
  • Serving as teaching assistants and tutors for the college
  • Taking advantage of Federal Student Aid
  • Receiving a scholarship made possible by one of the College’s philanthropic and corporate partnerships


Scholarships and Financial Aid

We encourage all students to submit a FAFSA application to determine what kind of federal aid is available. Please click here for information on FAFSA deadlines and to start the process.

To facilitate and support access to the Align Program, our team works closely with philanthropic and corporate partners to provide scholarships to both incoming and ongoing students in accordance with need and/or academic performance. No separate scholarship application is required. Scholarship decisions are communicated to students during the first weeks of June and August for fall admissions and during the first weeks of October and December for spring admissions. This information will be shared with you via the online application portal Apply Yourself.

In addition, please note that the following tuition discount programs are available:

Double Husky Scholarship

Provides a tuition discount of 25 percent for Northeastern alumni for the entirety of the program.

Yellow Ribbon Scholarship

Sponsored by the federal government, Yellow Ribbon Scholarships cover most or all tuition and fees for veterans.

Parent and Family Scholarship

Provides tuition discounts for parents and siblings of full-time Northeastern undergraduate day students.